Tools of the Trade

hand quilting tools.jpg

I've been getting a lot of questions about the tools I use for hand quilting, so here are some details about the tools I used when quilting this log cabin quilt.

Grip it Dots  - I stick one of this on the tip of my index finger. They make pulling the needle through the fabric much easier. 

Gutterman Quilting Thread - my thread of choice for hand quilting. It is strong and has a finish that makes it easy to thread through the needle and pull through the fabric. I love the look of the stitches is creates. 

Roxanne Betweens - I use size 10 betweens by Roxanne. They are strong and have an easy to thread eye and the tip works well for stacking stitches on the needle. 

Roxanne marking pencil in white - this is the marking pencil I use for dark fabrics it rubs off easily. 

Verithin Silver colored pencil - this pencil works well on light fabrics and rubs off easily.

Gingher Stork Scissors - I love these little scissors for snipping threads. 

Thimble - I have had this thimble for more then 30 years. I've looked for another like it but without success. Here's one that is very similar. Make sure to find one that fits snug on your finger. 

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