Pain - Domestic Abuse Quilt Series #14

Pain - 16” X 16”


Domestic abuse is about controlling someone’s mind and emotions as much as hurting their body. Mental and emotional pain can make it more difficult for a person to use coping skills in abusive situations, and can even weaken their immune system.

pain angle.jpg

There is no cure or treatment for the pain of domestic abuse and the effects can last a lifetime, even if someone is able to leave an abusive situation.

Pain is felt by the primary victim of abuse as well as their friends and family, as the abuser seeks to hurt and isolate the primary victim.

pain half.jpg

Ten million Americans experience domestic abuse every year.  Ten million.  Someone I love and care about is a victim of abuse and has been for over twenty years.  Odds are you or someone you know is a victim as well. I have learned a lot about domestic abuse over the last two decades and the number one fact I have learned is that most incidents are never reported.  Ten million people every year and that number doesn't reflect the full scope of abuse in the US, as many people aren't able to safely share and report their stories.  I am a doer.  I like to make and fix things.  Sadly, I cannot fix things for the person in my life who is being abused.  But, I can speak up.  And I can sew.  And hopefully I can make a difference. (Statistics from the CDC)

Domestic violence knows knows no boundaries when it comes to race/gender/sexuality/age/socioeconomic status/geographic location/culture.

pain quarter.jpg

Remember, it affects ten million in the US every year.  If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse, please know that the folks at the National Domestic Violence Hotline (1 800 799 SAFE or are ready to listen and support you, as well as refer you to a local program or organization. If you observe someone being abused, you can also call the hotline.  A good samaritan call can save a life.

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Summer Garden

Garden wide view.jpg

I love this time of year when I can wander out to the garden and gather some fresh food to add to my dinner.

garden peas.jpg
garden barn.jpg

I love radishes. After an initial thinning I’ve been gathering some of the larger ones each day to eat. They were planted in the carrot, beet and cilantro rows.

garden radishes.jpg

The raspberries are a little slow this year but they are coming along.

garden raspberries.jpg

Home Alone

Spring Fever four new.jpg

I dropped my daughter off at music camp in the middle of last week and have been making good use of my time in the studio. I taught a one day workshop and then dove in to work on these Spring Fever blocks.

My husband is also out of town for work so I have been able to have a lot of uninterrupted sewing time.

spring Fever 9.jpg

I love watching them grow on the design wall.

Spring Fever 16.jpg

I think it’s starting to look like a crochet granny square blanket.

Spring Fever 25.jpg

I am ALMOST ready to sew the blocks together but will let this project rest for a while. I plan to take the coming week as a “build your own artist residency" in my studio. I will work on some smaller projects and explore some piecing ideas until I pick up my daughter from camp next weekend. I also have a stack of books to dive into.

Spring Fever 40.jpg

Prepping for the Next Step

spring fever centers with border colors.jpg

I finished all of the centers for the blocks I need for my Spring Fever quilt. Next I’ll be making the borders to go around them. I’ve paired up the border colors in preparation. I don’t want to start sewing them on and end up with color combinations I don’t like for the last few blocks. Also, I’m all ready to go the next time I’m in the studio.

Purple Wind Farm

purple windfarm 1.jpg

My sister and I worked together to make this quilt for our niece’s high school graduation. We each made half of the string blocks. In this picture mine are on the left and hers are on the right. I’m sure she and I could each pick ours out because we recognize our own fabric scraps. However, when they are mixed together in the quilt, it all looks as if it came from one pool of fabric. When making the pinwheel blocks I used two blocks that I made and two blocks that my sister made to get the fabrics distributed across the quilt.

purple wind farm blocks.jpg

The pattern is Wind Farm, from my book, Every Last Piece. I used the templates from the book, one to trim the string blocks and the other to cut the triangle pieces that create the pinwheels.

Purple Wind Farm trim blocks.jpg

My niece’s favorite color is purple so I used a selections of purples from my stash to create the pinwheels.

purple wind farm full.jpg

The quilt includes fabrics from things we made for her, her siblings, and her cousins when they were small.

purple wind farm 2.jpg
purple wind farm 4.jpg

Congratulations on your graduation, Frances. We know you are headed to do great things!

purple wind farm label.jpg

My sister made this beautiful label for the quilt. I should get her to label all of my quilts.

purple wind farm 3.jpg

A Progress Report

Last week I worked on a variety of quilt projects. I made more of these little 4.5” stars bringing my total to 49.

49 stars.jpg

I added some color to a few postage stamp centers for more Spring Fever blocks.

spring fever postage on point.jpg

and made more postage stamp center sections.

spring fever postage centers.jpg

My design wall is filling up and it is bringing me much joy. I have some parts precut and ready for my next sewing day. I like leaving things so that I know right where I left off and can start off sewing first thing.

design wall may 28.jpg

My Studio - the wider view

studio 1.jpg

I thought I’d share some wide angle shots of my studio so you can see those windows. I LOVE all the natural light I get. It makes choosing colors so much easier.

studio 2.jpg

I have room for five sewers, or six if we are working on small pieces. If you are interested in booking a workshop for a small group, let me know.

studio 3.jpg

I do one day or multiday workshops.