Blue Lake Suzuki Family Camp

P and I are back from almost two weeks at Blue Lake Suzuki Family Camp. This was our sixth year attending camp but the first year we have been there for all three sessions they offer. 

The first session is only for piano students. My daughter-in-law was there teaching so miss P and I stayed with her in her faculty cabin and babysat for my grandbaby. We walked many miles with the all terrain stroller. He also enjoyed playing in the sand and swinging at the playground across from our cabin. 

When the piano session was over, P and I moved to a different cabin near the rest of the campers for the cello sessions. 

P was happy to be reunited with her one week a year cello friends.

While the cellists were off at their classes I set up for an  "artist residency" for the rest of our time at Blue Lake.  I had initially scouted out a nice place at a picnic table, it had a roof, electric outlet, and a bulletin board and a beautiful view. I tried it for a day but there were way too many mosquitoes for that to work. I ended up using the outlet in our cabin and having a stand up sewing station. It worked well enough.

My original plan for little quilt blocks included narrow strips as part of each block. After making a few of those they seemed a bit too congested. I tried a more minimal approach on the next blocks and was much happier.

It was a good schedule, meeting P at the dining hall for meals, walking all around the large camp, sewing a little, and bringing a bit of hand work (knitting and hand quilting) to P's individual lessons. 

P was chosen to play a solo in the "Honors Recital" in this big shell. She performed Largo from Sonata in G minor by Henry Eccles.

Mid week we enjoyed a camp cookout on the shore of Lake Michigan. It was a BEAUTIFUL day for a picnic. 

On the beautiful sunny days, I made sure to get out and walk about the camp. I love this area where the trees are tall and there is little undergrowth.

There's also a lovely beach area where I sat and did some hand work. I finished knitting a pair of socks that I started in January and worked a bit more on quilting this little quilt.

When the weather was cloudy or rainy I spent more time in the cabin sewing on the machine and completed 16 little blocks that will finish at 2 inches. I'm not sure what they will become yet.

Throw in a few trips to Pekadill's, the ice cream shop and it was pretty much a perfect week.