Merging of Ideas

Last summer I cut a bunch of scraps into 1.5'' squares and started sewing them into fourpatch units. I was aiming for a twin size postage stamp quilt for my grandson's move from the crib to a big bed and worked on it on an off between other projects. 

needlepoint tin.jpg

This winter, I felt compelled to make some sawteeth sections to have just in case I might need them for something. I've often admired sawteeth borders on antique quilts and have added them to a few of my own quilts. Always wanting to keep the scrap bin tamed, sawteeth seemed like just the right thing for some solid scraps.

Here's a view of my design wall at some point this winter. Both projects were hanging out happily with some other works in progress.

design wall.jpg

After making a few strips of sawteeth I went back to working on that postage stamp quilt. The four patches grew into 36 patch units. 

postage stamp.jpg

Then it happened. The parts on my design wall started talking to each other. Those blocks were begging to be surrounded by sawteeth. 

postage stamp block.jpg

I added sawteeth to a few more blocks and put them up to admire. 

four corners.jpg

That corner space started talking to me. It wanted a pinwheel.

corner pinwheel.jpg

I'm now aiming for a 93'' square quilt! I've got all 49 center blocks built but I need to make a lot more sawteeth and pinwheels. I think I'm in love with it. 

postage stamp progress.jpg

I'm glad that I keep several projects going at the same time, and have the parts hanging around in view. If I had put those sawteeth away, this quilt would have continued to progress as a much more boring postage stamp quilt. Granted, my grandson would have gotten that quilt but will probably not be getting this one for his move to a big bed. I'll have to come up with another quilt plan for him.

I love when the quilts tell me what they want to be.