A Sewing Club Snapshot

We have started our last six week session of after school sewing club for the school year. Most of the students have been coming all year and have really developed good sewing skills. I thought I'd share a few of things the kids were working on yesterday.

One student recently finished an outfit for her Barbie and has started making a Barbie quilt. She's using some of my one inch cut scraps. 

doll quilt.jpg

Some of the girls have been working on a banner for their math teacher. They are appliqueing the digits of Pi and say they will keep at it until the end of school and see how long they can make it. 

PI sewing.jpg
PI numbers.jpg

This fifth grader is making a quilt.


Another is making a pair of pj pants. 


Sewing club has been one of my favorite things this year. I love listening to them. They often ask each other thought provoking questions like "What is your favorite place that is not your home?" or "What is your favorite Disney 'princess'?"