Mini Basket Top

I've been feeling the need to finish up some of my unfinished projects lately. When I reached the nice round number of 49, I made myself stop. Yes, I could have gone on and added to them over more months and made a larger quilt, but I was also really wanting to see them sewn together. I love making large quilts but I'm finding that I have enough for now. I have a lot of ideas of quilts to make and if they all grow to be queen size quilts I won't get to try as many different things. So, I zipped these together so I can have brain space free for making DIFFERENT tiny blocks! 

basket top.jpg

I'm mulling over the quilting plan for this. I kinda want to do tiny little feathered wreaths in those alternate blocks. It would be amazing but I don't think I have the quilting skills to pull that off. I'll keep pondering it while I finish up a few other projects.

basket mini top.jpg

What tiny block should I try next?!?!