The Magic Forest

I just received Gwen Marston's latest book, The Magic Forest, in the mail. The book really is a magic forest of quilts. 


Like her book, 37 Sketches, this book is a work of art. Each spread of the 65 page book consists of a single photo of a tree quilt paired with complementary poetry. 

The Magic Forest 1.jpg

The quilts are made in a variety of styles.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a poem by my friend, and quilter, Ronnie Alff.

The Magic Forest 2.jpg

The photography, by Frank Solle, a Beaver Island photographer, is beautiful. You can see every quilting stitch. 

The Magic Forest 3.jpg

A trip through this magic forest has me eager to cut into my fabric to start my own landscape of plant and tree quilts.

The Magic Forest 4.jpg

If you would like your own copy, email Gwen at: gwenjoymarston(at)gmail(dot)com. She is selling them for $32 plus $4 shipping. The book, a very limited edition, is self published and will not be reprinted.  Gwen says she only has a handful left so act fast.

The only brick and mortar shop that is selling them is Quilted Strait in Port Gamble Washington. 

Edit to add, Gwen has sold out of her copies of the book. The books are now only available through Quilted Strait.

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