Unpinned - a string pieced quilt

unpinned close.jpg

Here's my latest quilt finish. This top went together really fast. I pulled the string pieced triangle and square units from my basket of pre-made string parts, and found they fit together perfectly. I played around with the positioning of the pieces and finally decided on the pinwheel effect.

unpinned draped.jpg

The background is quilted with feathers. I made a template for the spine of the feather and marked it in each section. The feather lobes were stitched free-form to fill the space around the spine.

unpinned star.jpg

That red print with the yellow apples in the photo below was left over from a blouse I made back in 1975, and it might be the last little bit of that fabric that I had. I left it un-quilted.

unpinned 70s fabric.jpg

This border print worked great as as a backing fabric.

unpinned back.jpg

My photo helpers had a bit of fun during the photo shoot. 

unpinned with helpers.jpg

This short wall behind our barn has always been a favorite place for climbing and jumping. 

unpinned wall jumping.jpg

The finished size of this quilt is 60" by 84". 

unpinned full view.jpg

This quilt and others from my book, Every Last Piece, will be hanging in a special exhibit of my work at the STITCHES midwest show in Schaumburg, IL, August 2-5.