Holly Girls Retreat - a trip around the world

I had a lovely week at Holly Girls Quilt Retreat. This year’s theme was “Trip Around the World.” Of course, I had to make mine from one inch cut squares.

independence top flat.jpg

I had my usual spot with a view of Elk Lake. Using a layout from an antique quilt I arranged all of my squares of Oakshott cotton and prepared to piece it together.

Holly Girls window view.jpg

I pieced the quilt into nine smaller parts before putting it all together.

holly girls squares on a tray.jpg

I had an organized system of making little fourpatches and keeping them in order. By making fourpatches first I could get all of the seams to twirl as shown in my tutorial.

Holly Girls squares in progress.jpg

I love the finished look of these tiny little Oakshott cotton squares.

independence close.jpg

The back has an interesting look too. Since the squares finish at 1/2 inch, the seems meet each other when pressed.

independence pressing.jpg

I loved this technique and kinda want to make another one. I’m planning to quilt this one in the ditch to avoid interrupting the flow of color between the squares.

independence square.jpg
independence back.jpg
independence scale.jpg

I worked on a couple of other projects at retreat so stay tuned for those.