Sewing Camp

camp emboidery group.jpg

I offered one week of sewing camp this summer and I was delighted with this group of campers. They made pillow cases, draw string backpacks, and pj pants. In the photo below they are cutting out their pj pants. 

camp cutting out.jpg

They were pretty efficient at getting the projects finished so we had time on the last day to try some embroidery stitches. 

camp embroidery wagon.jpg

The barn works very well for camp. Early in the week we used this wagon for cutting, pinning, and pressing. The last day it was a great gathering spot for learning embroidery.

camp embroidery.jpg
camp embroidery stitching.jpg

I have five featherweights set up in the barn and each of the campers claims a sewing spot for the week. 

camp sewing.jpg
camp standing.jpg

They were all pleased with their finished projects. I even saw a few of their items with ribbons on them at the community fair!

camp projects.jpg
camp projects back.jpg