I’ve been featured in a couple of magazines recently and I keep forgetting to share them with you.

published 1.jpg

I can’t tell you how exciting it is to be featured in a magazine that is written in German!

published 2.jpg

Too bad I I can’t read what it says.

published 3.jpg

I love that they included so many photos because everyone understands and enjoys the photos, right?

published 4.jpg

They also included my tutorial on how to twirl seams.

published 5.jpg

I’ve had this Quiltfolk magazine for a while as well and never written about it. The quilt on the cover was made by my grandmother and her neighbor.

Quiltfolk 1.jpg

The amazing Quiltfolk team came here last summer to take photos of my sewing club kids. They were here for the afternoon and treated the kids like quilty rock stars and ended the visit with an ice cream cone treat! The article here is all about my sewing club and camps.

Quiltfolk 2.jpg

They took photos at the house and barn here, then we went to the studio for phase two of the photo shoot.

Quiltfolk 3.jpg

If you haven’t seen this magazine before, let me tell you, it is chock full of amazing photographs of all the things you want to see. It gives you a feeling of place and an idea of where each featured artist’s inspiration comes from. Each issue features people from a different state - issue 08 is all about Michigan.

Hey, look at that! Some of my chickens photo-bombed the magazine!

Quiltfolk 4.jpg