Control - Domestic Abuse Quilt Series #13

Control - 16’’ by 16’’


In an abusive relationship, the abuser gains control as the person being abused loses control.

Control 2.jpg

This control applies to all parts of their life. It affects (for abused) the ability to communicate, travel, enjoy former interests, think for one’s self, pursue new interests, etc.  The control can be severely limiting and constrictive.

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The abused can lose control of their past life narrative and every aspect of the future:  health, activities, relationships (or lack there of), home (house), phone, computer, money, car . . . everything.

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Ten million Americans experience domestic abuse every year.  Ten million.  Someone I love and care about is a victim of abuse and has been for over twenty years.  Odds are you or someone you know is a victim as well. I have learned a lot about domestic abuse over the last two decades and the number one fact I have learned is that most incidents are never reported.  Ten million people every year and that number doesn't reflect the full scope of abuse in the US, as many people aren't able to safely share and report their stories.  I am a doer.  I like to make and fix things.  Sadly, I cannot fix things for the person in my life who is being abused.  But, I can speak up.  And I can sew.  And hopefully I can make a difference. (Statistics from the CDC)

Domestic violence knows knows no boundaries when it comes to race/gender/sexuality/age/socioeconomic status/geographic location/culture.  

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Remember, it affects ten million in the US every year.  If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse, please know that the folks at the National Domestic Violence Hotline (1 800 799 SAFE or are ready to listen and support you, as well as refer you to a local program or organization. If you observe someone being abused, you can also call the hotline.  A good samaritan call can save a life.

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