Spring Break

Our spring break this year started with a quick stop in Florida to visit family and find a ton of shark teeth. We drove up to Savannah for a couple of days where we walked all over downtown and also had an afternoon kayak outing. Our last stop on our trip was in Virginia, where I grew up. We spent our time there walking around Blacksburg and then hiking out in the Pembroke area.


The two mile hike up to the cascades was one I made many times in my childhood. I hadn’t hiked it in about 20 years.

Miss P has been getting interested in photography and took many photos of the water on the way up and at the falls.

cascades close.jpg
Cascades creek splash.jpg

Here are a couple of photos from Wind Rock, another place we visited in my childhood. I remember day trip picnics on these rocks.

Wind Rock.jpg

Visiting this place was just what I needed.