Purple Wind Farm

purple windfarm 1.jpg

My sister and I worked together to make this quilt for our niece’s high school graduation. We each made half of the string blocks. In this picture mine are on the left and hers are on the right. I’m sure she and I could each pick ours out because we recognize our own fabric scraps. However, when they are mixed together in the quilt, it all looks as if it came from one pool of fabric. When making the pinwheel blocks I used two blocks that I made and two blocks that my sister made to get the fabrics distributed across the quilt.

purple wind farm blocks.jpg

The pattern is Wind Farm, from my book, Every Last Piece. I used the templates from the book, one to trim the string blocks and the other to cut the triangle pieces that create the pinwheels.

Purple Wind Farm trim blocks.jpg

My niece’s favorite color is purple so I used a selections of purples from my stash to create the pinwheels.

purple wind farm full.jpg

The quilt includes fabrics from things we made for her, her siblings, and her cousins when they were small.

purple wind farm 2.jpg
purple wind farm 4.jpg

Congratulations on your graduation, Frances. We know you are headed to do great things!

purple wind farm label.jpg

My sister made this beautiful label for the quilt. I should get her to label all of my quilts.

purple wind farm 3.jpg