Home Alone

Spring Fever four new.jpg

I dropped my daughter off at music camp in the middle of last week and have been making good use of my time in the studio. I taught a one day workshop and then dove in to work on these Spring Fever blocks.

My husband is also out of town for work so I have been able to have a lot of uninterrupted sewing time.

spring Fever 9.jpg

I love watching them grow on the design wall.

Spring Fever 16.jpg

I think it’s starting to look like a crochet granny square blanket.

Spring Fever 25.jpg

I am ALMOST ready to sew the blocks together but will let this project rest for a while. I plan to take the coming week as a “build your own artist residency" in my studio. I will work on some smaller projects and explore some piecing ideas until I pick up my daughter from camp next weekend. I also have a stack of books to dive into.

Spring Fever 40.jpg