Summer Sampler 2019 - Spring Fever!

Welcome to the Summer Sampler 2019 kick off!

Here’s my block - Spring Fever.

Spring Fever.jpg

I liked the first one so much I had to make another.

Spring Fever 2.jpg

Then I decided to go ahead and make a whole quilt of this block.

Spring Fever blocks.jpg

I’ve got a pretty good start on it now, as you can see on the design wall.

design wall may 14.jpg

This Summer Sampler thing could be dangerous! If I go “all in” with each block I could end up with A LOT of quilts.

Design Wall Reboot

This is the current state of my design wall.

design wall may 3.jpg

The finished the string pieced and purple pinwheel quilt top left a vacancy in the design wall that needed to be filled.

I accidentally started a quilt last week. I was flipping through some of my books and a quilt made in the 1870s stopped me in my tracks. I dropped all other projects from my mind and started making those little 4.5’’ stars in the upper right. They are small but not super tiny because I am using prints and want to have a bit of the print visible in each piece.

The two large blocks finish at 12’’. They are made from my pattern, Spring Fever, that is my contribution to the Summer Sampler 2019.

Various other bits have been hanging around a while and have no purpose….. yet.