Studio Time


I'm thoroughly enjoying working in my studio downtown. The morning light there is wonderful! 

At first I was progressing on several projects each week but two weeks ago I put a quilt in the floor frame and have pretty much only been quilting on that. I'm stitching free form fans all over the quilt. I'm eager to see how it looks when I unroll it to reveal the whole quilt. 

I probably should go back to working on different projects because my under fingers are quite raw/calloused. I'm eager to get this finished though. So, I keep on stitching. 

hand quilting.jpg

I am enjoying the bustle of downtown. I've started a yoga class right around the corner and have also been sampling the bakery and coffee shop goodies. 

studio view.jpg

After School Sewing Club is well under way. The students have been making a variety of projects. Here's one from this week. We learned how to machine applique! We cut up old jeans for the pennant backgrounds and solid scraps for the letters. 

banner Welcome.jpg
banner MEOW.jpg

I've added a few quilt classes to the studio schedule

I'm also starting to schedule some "private" workshops for groups who want to come.  Group size for my workshops is limited to 5-8 participants. Let me know if you and your friends are interested and we can get something scheduled!