Wonder Woman Cosplay

Miss P and I saw Wonder Woman two times this summer. We both loved it and enjoyed the strong female leading character. After the second trip to theater she knew she wanted to be Wonder Woman for Halloween. 

We did some google searching for ideas and found Methyl Ethyl Cosplay on Facebook.


We followed her tutorial to make the corset

The first step was to make a duct tape mold of her body. 

duct tape front.jpg

We then cut the duct tape shape apart into flat pieces that could be used as a pattern. We used the pieces from one half and made left and right versions from them so that the design would be symmetrical.

corset pattern.jpg

The corset was made from craft foam. After making a base layer, P designed the second layer that was made of smaller pieces. 

We followed the steps in the tutorial for shaping with a heat gun, and sealing, painting, and coating with various products. I used leather from a pair of thrifted leather pants for the base of the corset lacing in the back. 

ww mod podge.jpg

The belt and headband are also made from craft foam. 

I purchased scraps of blue leather on etsy for the skirt. I cut shaped pieces and sewed them to a strip of grossgrain ribbon the leather was also painted with diluted black paint to make it look aged. The ribbon is pinned around the waist and worn over black dance pants. 

For the cape, we used the Kinsale Cloak pattern by Folkwear.

The Lasso of Truth is an ordinary rope painted gold.


Miss P is THRILLED with the result and is sad that there aren't more occasions when she can wear the outfit.