A Tisket a Tasket, a Tiny Little Basket

basket block.JPG

I've tidied in the studio and put a few of my works in progress on the design wall. I like doing that so that I can think about them while I'm working on other projects. Sometimes they speak to me. This week the little baskets I started last September were calling my name.  

I pulled out the Oakshott cotton scraps and started working on them again. 

basket block (2).jpg

The handles are made from a 1/2'' strip of bias. I fold it in thirds and baste down the middle. I tuck the ends of the strip into the seam of the basket top and the background. After the block is finished, I will hand applique the handle down.

baskets and stars together.JPG

These little two inch baskets play nicely with the leftover two inch stars that are also on the design wall.