Log Cabin Blues

I love snuggling under a warm quilt filled with a wool batting. The wool makes it extra warm for Michigan winters. The last wool filled quilt I made for our couch was a little too short. When I would pull it up to my neck, my feet would stick out of the other end. I needed a bigger quilt. 

The inspiration for the colors in the quilt came from a stack of old jeans in my sewing room. I pulled out all my blue solids and a gold that is reminiscent of the jeans top stitching thread.

log cabin blues square.jpg
log cabin blues close up.jpg

The binding used up the last of the scraps from making the top. It looks like I need to replenish my blue fabric stash. 

log cabin blues close.jpg

I love the back of the quilt almost as much as the front. 

log cabin blues back.jpg

When I'm not snuggling under this one, I'll be using it as a teaching tool in my log cabin and improvisational piecing classes. 

Finished size: 49'' x 69''