More from the Renwick

As I mentioned yesterday, we stopped by the Renwick Gallery when we were visiting family in Virginia. In addition to the nutshell dioramas I saw a couple  of other pieces I have been eager to see. 
First was the quilt by Sabrina Gschwandtner made from vintage 16mm film.

film quilt.jpg

The docent told us that the color film is from a documentary on the production of different fibers and textiles. 

film quilt 6.jpg
film quilt 2.jpg

The images that look like planets are actually a view of a single fiber through a microscope. 

film quilt 4.jpg

I found the whole thing to be fascinating.

film quilt 5.jpg

The black and white film used for the border of the quilt was from a film about women and fashion. I was interested in how different the piece looked up close and from far away. 

film quilt 3.jpg

I was also excited to see Kathryn Clark's DC Foreclosure Quilt.  I saw her Flint Foreclosure Quilt in Lansing last spring.

DC Foreclosure quilt.jpg

I am a big fan of Kathryn's work, and impressed with the research and thought that goes into each piece.

DC Foreclosure quilt close.jpg

I enjoy visiting the Smithsonian and wish we lived closer so that we could visit regularly.