This year Miss P chose another strong female character for her Halloween costume- Rey, from Star Wars.

Rey 1.jpg

She did this costume all on her own. All I did was tell her how to dye fabric with tea and order the military bag from Harry’s Army surplus, and fix her hair.

Rey 2.jpg

She tea dyed muslin for the drape and leg ties. The arm wraps are tea dyed medical gauze.

Rey 4.jpg

She learned about the wonders craft foam in cosplay while making her Wonder Woman costume last year, and used the same idea to add the shape details to her staff.

Rey 5.jpg

She made the double belt from one of her dad’s old belts and another strip of leather.

Rey 6.jpg

She loves that the costume has a place to put her candy so she doesn’t have to carry an ‘out of character’ bag.

Here’s a collection of all of her previous Halloween costumes.